Domaine Vernay - Ampuis

Christine Vernay & Paul Amsellem @ Domaine Georges Vernay, Condrieu & Côte-Rôtie
Number of barrels in the cellar: around 250

Domaine Vernay - Ampuis

How did you get into the wine business?

Christine Vernay: At two different times! My parents owned the Domaine, where I spent my childhood. As a girl, I was not expected to take over, so I left to another life, for some time... I returned to the estate when my parents were going to retire. It was a new life for me. I love wine, our land and my roots!

Paul Amsellem: I met Christine in Paris, and my in-laws made me discover my first great wines. Ten years later, we had the opportunity to take over the Domaine. This was 20 years ago!

Do you remember your first experience with wine?

Christine Vernay: It goes back to my childhood. I remember bottling, that was very old-fashioned... With my brothers, we were taking the opportunity to taste the wine, even if it was forbidden. We were young and curious! Afterwards, I discovered amazing wines from other regions, especially Burgundy and Italy. I was an Italian teacher and did some consulting there, so I have a strong cultural link.

Is there anything special you would like to tell us about your winery, your labels…?

Christine Vernay: My passion, or my struggle if we can put it that way, is to return to safe and clean viticulture practices, to preserve our land, our fauna and flora. It is such a joy to walk around these places that are so rich in diversity and history! The appellation Condrieu, with its famous slopes, was almost forgotten, and my father brought it back to life. This philosophy was transmitted to my brother and myself, and keeps on living today. In short, to me, this is the magnificent journey of a historic estate, with a family spirit and a real desire to do well.

How did you hear about H&A?

Paul Amsellem: About six years ago, François Gros, your sales director, now working for you in the United States, came to explain your service offer. I have seen many benefits! After consulting my accountant, I started working with you.

What do you appreciate about the H&A services program?

Paul Amsellem: I appreciate the simplicity of the process. H&A facilitates our work: you anticipate our needs, we discuss the contract every year, you receive and pay the invoices, etc. Your proposal is clear, interesting, and ergonomic!

How would you describe your relationship with H&A?

Paul Amsellem: We have a strong relationship. H&A knows the Domaine and the way we work. I know I can trust you with eyes closed!