Wine barrels: H&A assists its clients in managing wine storage facilities

Wine barrels: H&A assists its clients in managing wine storage facilities

Since 2004, the H&A teams have been assisting numerous clients in managing their wine storage facilities. In total, 80 people from four international agencies manage 750,000 barrels in Europe and the United States.


Our offer is directed towards vineyard owners to facilitate the management of their wine storage facilities using unique, flexible, and innovative solutions.


In order to do this, we have developed a rental solution adapted to the management of your barrels from their arrival until they leave the cellars.


Second-hand barrels: What does this rental offer include?


Renting barrels allows vineyard owners to fully dedicate themselves to wine production, leaving the experts to manage the incoming and outgoing flow of barrels. Owners will, of course, still control all technical criteria (coopers, heating, container, type of wood, etc.).


This rental offer from H&A Location is based on four fundamental pillars:


A simplified, evolutionary, and personalized offer: In other words, this contract adapts to the specific needs of winemakers.

Administrative assistance: We verify barrel orders and pay the bills once the barrels are delivered.

Accounting and financial benefits: Barrel rentals are not recorded on the financial statement and do not result in freezes or amortizations. Rentals are recorded on the income statement.

Help with cost control: We facilitate budget projections; rentals adapt to each budget level and to the duration of use of the barrels.


Wine barrels: Why opt for a rental solution?


Wine harvests can vary significantly from one year to the next, and wineries should be reorganized with each harvest. Renting allows for the adaptation of the composition of the wine storage facility based on the needs of that season.


From an operational point of view, using rentals avoids having to store empty barrels that require maintenance and create additional costs.


The goal is to match the number of barrels rented with the barrels that are stored during the wine production process and the vintage aging.


Investment in barrels represents the second-highest cost for wine-growing estates. Renting also helps to preserve your income.



Renting wine barrels: What are the next steps?


If our solutions are of interest to you, we invite you to contact us by calling 05 56 38 98 69. A representative will work with you to determine the type of contract that best fits your needs.


You can also complete this contact form.


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