Caroline artaud

Caroline Artaud, Administrative and Technical Director at Château Fourcas Hosten, Listrac- Médoc. Number of barrels in the cellar: around 500

Caroline artaud

How you did you come to wine?

Since I was young I have loved biology, so I started my scientific studies with the aim of working in genetics. I discovered the wine world through an internship at Chateau Fayat. Then, with the Medeville family, I have been involved in all the propriety's activities and worked all the jobs. It was a revelation for me, a love at first sight moment, and I wanted to make it my job. I decided to complete my engineering minor with an oenologist degree. With the support of my boss, who is very kind and has placed his confidence in me, I kept on training especially in accounting, in order to have a global vision of the wine industry. I love my job and I'm happiest when I'm in the vineyards.

Do you remember your very first contact with anything related with wine?

Yes, it was with my dad. As a big fan of Médoc wines, he initiated me into the wines he loved. With the wines from his cellar, he passed his passion to me, without knowing that one day I would work in the wine industry.

Is there anything special you would like to tell us about your winery, your labels...?

I would like to share one of the moments that touched me the most at the estate...

There had never been a bottling of white wine at Fourcas Hosten. Yet, our former cellar master, who worked here for 40 years, told us he used to make white wine in the 1960's for the owners. At the beginning of the 20th century, white wines were much more common than red wines in Listrac. Our terroir, our geographic location on top of Listrac hills, as well as the very good conditions that we have to produce excellent white wines, creates a little bit of history in the bottles.

On September 8th, 2014, we harvested by hand, together, the first grapes of Sauvignon Gris. Early in the morning, the sun and the freshness turned the grapes pink, almost fluorescent and all the staff was there. It was a touching moment.

For the first time, we bottled Fourcas Hosten's white wine, grown in an organic way.

It was important for us to make this shift. We play a role in environment and this lead to our sustainable wine-growing approach.

How did you hear about H&A?

I've heard about you very early at Château La Garde and, at Fourcas Hosten, we were already working with you. I've always appreciated Richard (H&A co-founder) who is a straightforward person, very energetic and available. H&A is a very dynamic company. All the people I talk to and I work with, like François Pelletier, are very kind and approachable; it's so easy and nice to deal with you.

What do you appreciate in the H&A services program?

We were really seduced by your barrel removal services. Dealing with our inventory has always been complicated, and now you make our life easier. For us it's a good investment, as it gives us time to focus on our work. I can be more involved in relationships with coopers and you deal with the rest. These are not the only reasons we work with you. You do a great job and things move on quickly.

How would you describe your relationship with H&A?

A professional relationship, simple and clear! Above all, I like this company, your energy, skills and quality of exchanges. I agree with your values and it's always a pleasure to work with you, as a partner.